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          Hematology Analyzer


          5-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer

          Product description

          34 parameters including RET%, RET#, IRF,and research parameters;

          Up to 110 T/H;

          Automatic sampling with a capacity of 120samples;

          Laser light multi-dimensional cellclassification & flow cytometry technology;

          Double mode for WBC counting (ImpedanceCount and Optical Count);

          High stability, long using life He-NeLasers;

          Ceramic sample rotatory value (SRV)quantified system with high accuracy and efficiency;

          3D Image Analysis;

          WBC 5-diff with sheath reagent only;

          Whole computer data station and display;

          Large storage capacity: 200,000 samples;

          Support LIS and HIS with HLH protocol;

          Internal barcode reader